My favorite iced tea

The best iced tea to my taste has always been from southern USA, and I have found that Luzianne brand of iced tea gives that flavor effortlessly....I'm using my last of it today, as it's still hot way down here but will hopefully! be cool soon.

Unfortunately I've still not found hot tea that comes close to the wonderful tea we had when we lived so close to tea plantations in Asia -- surely because by the time it gets to the USA, is packaged, and way too often is stored improperly in warehouses and shops, the taste is pretty much gone. FYI, even in Asia the best to my taste was always Ceylonese. I prefer strong tea for the hot version (unlike the weaker iced tea I love for some reason).

And how fun -- if you click for their Heritage information, , they have some oldish commercials to watch!