A source of some free menu plans

I've mentioned my enjoying the magazine Clean Eating's 2-week eating plans, for every meal and snack of every day. There are some available here for free!

I've also mentioned that I totally change their ideas and never have tried their recipes, which yes is weird! But even a grocery list from them gives me so many ideas of meals for the coming week...Here's just a bit of one to show you what I mean -- it's from the above link for autumn:

I got a cool book from them (at my favorite grocery store, Natural Grocers) last year that features their meal plans -- I've checked, and none are duplicates of the above free ones! But unfortunately it's no longer in print. Amazon seems to have one copy available from a seller today, at http://www.amazon.com/Meal-Plans-Clean-Eating-Magazine/dp/B00AVZ9V22 :