Filling the Freezer etc Day: General Planning Ideas

I love what I call a Fill-Your-Freezer-etc Day. Here's a general (and very idiosyncratic) plan about that, in order of when to do what of what I myself tend to do...I'm aiming at not-ridiculously-difficult.....

1. Make your plan.
2. Be sure you have your ingredients for your plan.
3. Go shopping if you have to.
4. If possible, make sure there's somewhere for you to sit down sometimes while you're working tomorrow, such as a stool that cozies up to a kitchen counter.

1. Soak beans.
2. Soak nuts and grains if you do that (and add their details to your own version of the below plan, though I do have "cook your grains" and "make your nut butter" slots). (I never have but want to try this; my favorite raw cookbook, Raw Food Made Easy, by Jennifer Cornbleet, has lots of ideas about that.)

1. Start cooking your beans. (Note I'm not venturing any guesses at when these dishes will be finished...)

OVEN (during cool weather) (of course you'll have to pay attention to what recipes require what oven temperature)
2. Make bread(s)/coffee cake(s)/whatever you'd like. Start with any yeast ones so they have time to rise etc.
3. Start roasting a larger cut of meat or a whole chicken and/or a nut/vegetarian sausage roast. (Note: This month's Food & Wine has a really great cover feature on roasting! Lots of both vegetarian and not-veg innovative ideas!
4. Start roasting whole big vegetables like winter squash.
5. Start roasting panful(s) of smaller vegetables. Keep the "good" scraps for a broth later today.

6. Make cereal(s) (such as muesli or homemade instant oatmeal). (Break idea: Have some!)

 from a 1920s? ad...

7. If you have any overripe or otherwise must-be-used vegetables or fruit, prep and freeze them for a later use.
8. Make pesto if you have plenty of basil on hand. (Break idea: Spread some on a cracker!)
9. Make your own nut butter. (Some people love to make nut milks too...) (Break idea: Spread some on a cracker!)
10. If your week ahead is probably crazy, you might also want to whip up some smoothies to stick in the fridge. (Break idea: Have some!)
11. If you have energy and want to do some other food prep, like food-processing onions, this might be a good time. (I really prefer my food chopped not very long before I use it, but some weeks this sort of thing is such a calm-saver.)
12. Set up your rice cooker to make a big batch of a whole grain to keep in the refrigerator or freezer. If it has a steamer basket, perhaps you'd like to steam a vegetable at the same time.
13. Start a nice broth using any bones from the roasted meat and any scraps from the vegetables.
14. If you like, make some gelatin dessert or a nice stovetop pudding.
cover of a 1947 magazine...

Relax while the rest finishes except when you need to turn things off, store things, etc. Admire your marvelous handiwork.
from a 1950s? ad...

Maybe tonight you'd like to take that broth, stir in some of the beans you cooked and/or the meat you roasted, plus some of the vegetables you roasted, and stir in some of the whole grain, and flavor it extra with your pesto you made. Of course you'll serve any dessert you made too...