A Tasty Walnut Shake

Just blend…
    3 tbl toasted walnuts
    2 dates torn up
    ½ frozen banana
    2 tbl coconut
    7/8 cup milk

Some people like this with cinnamon and honey too, but this is very tasty to me…

A delicious baked fish

that warmed up my wintry kitchen!

a delicious baked fish

adapted from the 1951 Joy of Cooking's "Fish Baked in a Covered Dish"

Spread olive oil over the bottom of a large casserole dish with a cover.
Lay in
            about 2 pieces adding up to 1 lb of fish eg salmon.
Put a little
            butter on the fish.
Sprinkle with
            smoked paprika
Cover. Put into a 325 oven. Set a timer for about 30 minutes (if your fish is very thin, you could try just 20 minutes; it took my 1" thick salmon about 30 minutes).

After about 10 minutes, add around the fish
            up to 2 tbl sweet white wine.

Meanwhile, put into a bowl in this order:
            a small bunch of parsley, cut
            at least 1 tbl capers
            about 1 tsp or more caper juice
            about 1 tbl butter, cut so it will fit nicely down the center of your piece(s) of fish.
When the fish looks like it might be done in 5 or 10 minutes, remove the fish from the oven and increase the oven temperature to 375. Upend the bowl's ingredients over the fish. Put the fish back in the oven without a cover.

When the fish is at least 145 inside, it's done. If you check and it's not done, it won't hurt the "sauce" for it to keep cooking.

Nice served over whole wheat couscous, and with some vegetables such as broccoli and carrots.

Some exquisite food from 1931

From an extremely well done novel from the 1930s...

While the last of the fogs went wherever fogs go to when there is no wind...Sir Herbert Livewright [fresh back to London from a vacation in the South of France] remained in his library [with] a fire burning briskly on the open hearth, exercising his brain....When...his butler came quietly into this...atmosphere and announced that luncheon was served, Sir Herbert...pushed his little table away and rose to his feet and...washed his...hands;...and then Sir Herbert Livewright went through into his dining room, and consumed, with every appearance of relish,
a little something of egg,
and some roast chicken with every kind of appurtenance,
including salad,
and a large portion of a distinctly heady trifle,
and some biscuits
and some celery
and some cheese.
And during this repast Sir Herbert Livewright also drank
some exceedingly good still Moselle,
and a cup of excellent coffee,
and a noggin of admirable cognac.

- Denis MacKail, The Square Circle, 1931

A delicious festive porridge!

a festive porridge

Delicious and pretty; also note it's helpful when one is having a dental moment, as it's not crunchy…
Enough for 2, but I think I'll double it next time, it's that good. Just microwave leftovers in the next days.

Put into a pot then refrigerate overnight; no real need to stir yet:
            up to 2 tbl coconut oil
            3 small red apples, quite finely chopped
            heaping ½ tsp cinnamon
            heaping 1 cup old-fashioned oats
            up to ¼ cup smooth almond butter
            about ¼ cup rinsed frozen cranberries (or fresh)
            ½ cup milk (skim is fine)
            1-1/2 cups water

In the morning, simmer, stirring occasionally, until everything is tender (maybe 10 minutes). You may need to stir in
            about ¼ cup more water.

Pour into bowls and top with
            generous flavorful honey (up to 2 tbl/bowl)

Adapted from Megan Gordon's Whole-Grain Mornings' Warm Farro Breakfast Bowl with Apples, Cranberries, and Hazelnuts

An authentic historic life

Bruce moved with his spouse Budd "a couple of years ago with their collection of antique wooden looms, spinning wheels, history books, old cooking tools, and Budd's enviable stash of enameled Dansk cookware." They hold fascinating workshops in their new home, and when the writer Amy Thielen visits them she's enjoyed their cauldron of soup, "a mountain of bread from their outdoor wood-fired clay oven," and "homemade pea-pod wine."
  - from the December-January issue of Saveur, "Finland, Minnesota"

After Five Happy Hours Barguide, 1978

It's scary -- or just honest? -- how drunk the people tend to look in these retro alcohol guides!

My super retro book just published!!

My book Lifestyles in Early South Asia: A Sourcebook for Time Travelers has been partially released!!! You can get it over at www.etsy.com/shop/AssocOfTimeTravelers . It was decided that it was so large it would be released in 3 volumes -- I love multiple-volume works myself! It's got lots of ancient menus and even recipes -- though please note there are more recipes in later years, which will be produced and released asap!

Some lovely overnight oats with cardamom

Sweet but unsweetened! Cardamom Overnight Oats

Layer in your overnight cereal container (I love a glass one with a lid) in order (I love to make more than 1; this is just for 1, but easily doubled etc into additional containers):
•    ½ banana, sliced thickly (frozen is fine, perhaps even preferable)
•    ½ cup oats
•    ½ tsp cardamom
•    pinch salt
•    about ¼ cup blueberries (frozen is fine; smallish size is preferable)
•    scant ¾ cup milk
•    if you have them: about 1 tbl dried mulberries
•    about 1 tbl pumpkin seeds
•    about 8 whole toasted almonds

- very adapted from Baked Blueberry Banana Bread
    in Anni Kravi's Porridge
    (She suggests another lovely thing: edible dried flowers over top in the morning!)

A great day in the kitchen!

Today is November 8, which is National Cook Something Bold Day!

Today is possibly also a Festival of the Kitchen in some places in Japan, I read in one old book -- but I have not been able to confirm this festival nor to get details on how it's celebrated. However, what a wonderful idea to have such a festival -- I've put it onto my calendar for next year to dream up suitable ways to celebrate such a holiday for myself. How about a quick spruce-up and getting any new helpful cooking appliances I've been needing?! as well as wonderful food from my "hearth" of course...

Back to Cook Something Bold Day! I'm celebrating with these dishes today:
breakfast: A Persian Porridge, which was amazing (recipe below) (served with cappuccino -- it's also National Cappuccino Day!!)
lunch: I'm going to try an eggplant-mint-yogurt dish from a new-to-me cookbook (also using some frozen charred eggplant I never tried -- for some reason this summer and early fall saw no eggplant in my shops)
dinner: I'm going to do a good chicken curry I've been doing since oh 1996 maybe...

PERSIAN PORRIDGE: Relaxing & Appetizing Aromatherapy in a Bowl!
for 2

This is best set up the night before.

Put into a saucepan the night before and store in the refrigerator:
    1 cup barley flakes (I like what I found at https://www.vitacost.com/shiloh-farms-organic-barley-flakes )
    1-1/8 cup water
    1 cup milk
    at least 1 tbl honey
    a few cut-up dried apricots
    a couple cut-up dates
    pinch of salt
    about 1 tbl rosewater (the only safe type I've found is at https://www.vitacost.com/north-american-herb-spice-essence-of-pure-rose-petals )

In the morning, simmer until done (about 6 minutes).
Top with
    almonds (nice if you have leftover glazed sliced)

Adapted from Rachel Khoo's Muesli & Granola