A Great Supper Salad

A Great Sardine Dinner Salad

Put onto each plate (or onto a platter for more people) in order:
         salad greens (baby kale is nice)
         sliced cucumber
         chopped chives
         sardines in olive oil
Then dab on in order to taste:
         creamy yogurt
Top with:
         coarsely chopped parsley
         black pepper

Very adapted from Nigel Slater's A Piquant Sauce for Tinned Tuna in his Real Fast Food

(This is nice served with the same book's Bulghur Wheat with Mango and Mint, which I changed to Quinoa with Peaches and Mint.)


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Kitchen decor, 1917

From Interior Decoration for Modern Needs, including not only interesting ideas but of course jarring reminders of the time travel required to visit what this writer saw (also a jarring reminder of how copy and paste can work from an old ebook):

by little devices, a kitchen can be made a pleasant place. To aid the appearance of the shelves, for example, the jars should be uniform and the tin boxes painted white with perhaps a blue stencil. China boxes and jars are obtainable, but one can paint her own tin boxes and choose a design from the kitchen china to stencil on. Such little niceties are appreciated by the cook and give her something to show off to the neighbor's maid.

The matter of kitchen curtains is always one of much dispute. Crisp white muslin curtains add to the freshness and attractiveness of a kitchen. Scrim, edged with sunfast to match the paint, is washable and effective; or white cotton with turkey red binding is also serviceable. Striped glazed chintz window shades certainly give "tone" to a kitchen.  

Imagine a white painted kitchen with blue and white linoleum and a blue table cloth and china and at the windows a striped glazed shade of blue and white. Ten to one the news flies round the neighborhood and your maid outlasts Mrs. Jones' ! Japanese toweling may be used for kitchen window curtains as it matches the design of so many china patterns. A stenciled border around the walls, of any simple conventional pattern, could be used in conjunction with this. Use the same stencil on the cupboard doors.

A green kitchen could be worked out in a very wily way. Green flooring, white walls with a stenciled border of green shamrocks and cambric curtains at the windows. Whereat an appreciative song would float up from below stairs "Just a bit of Ireland dropped from out the sky so blue." 

another idea from the same book:

(More colors in the rest of the house can be read over at https://associationoftimetravelers.blogspot.com/2019/05/home-color-schemes-1917.html .)