Clever Cakes, 1936

I'm assuming the date from the fact it was advertised in October of that year....

Mealtime Magic, 1948

More magic! Complete with ideas for emulating the latest king of England!

Hmm, and also complete with the feet of the king of our kitchen...

 It has lots of ideas that are good for suppers, like other retro cookbooklets!

Everything for the Rice Table, 1968

Fascinating -- a book of Indonesian recipes given out by a company from Holland to their clients in Michigan, USA!

A wonderful cookbook from 1988

From my goodreads: Feasts and Friends: Recipes from a LifetimeFeasts and Friends: Recipes from a Lifetime by Sylvia Thhmpson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read a wonderful article by Sylvia Thompson in an old Gourmet magazine and had to get more from her. This was the best-written cookbook I've ever read, including marvelous organization. It also has extremely helpful tips on making the very wide variety of recipes she includes. BTW, if you're into old Hollywood, you'll adore the early chapters!

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My Book of Magic Recipes, 1942, and Magical Desserts, 1965

Don't get too excited -- they don't seem all that magical to me, at least! Well, maybe those ice creams taste magical -- they sound delicious!

From wartime in 1942:

and from 1965:

Fleischmann's New Treasury of Yeast Baking, 1968?

(The only date I see mentioned in this booklet is 1968, so it's at least from then or of course later...)

Other stoves, 1921

There were fireless stoves, like I posted yesterday, but also gas and electric and wood/coal type styles. There are even some that look a lot like "normal" standalone ones today. It seems like a transition period with all these different looks even from one seller; also, for the electric they say you have to specify voltage, with choices among many....

Fireless stoves, 1921

I had seen references to these in old cookbooks and am so happy to learn more about them. Sorry about the awkward non-overlap; I'm working with a tiny screen today...

Icebox, 1921

It holds a lot of ice! which of course was very helpful. It would have been easy to organize...

A Victorian kitchen in the UK

Beaulieu in New Forest is having its Victorian kitchen restored, and I'm going to be following along as they post about it...