Pre-prep in 1930!

This suits me ever so much better than what seems to me like endless quesadillas, burgers, and chicken concoctions from too many freezer plans nowadays touted as easy and wonderful. I've even found it hard to source recipes for the refrigerator bread and cookie doughs it mentions, though I used to have such recipes at my fingertips -- hmm, if I re-find them and they're out of copyright, I'll post them for your cooking convenience. From the 1930 Silent Hostess Treasure Book (please note this actually looks to me like a modern-day "typesetting" of the book, and that there were editions at least in 1931 and 1932 as well):

Cherishing vegetables

Of Pamela née Mitford (1907-1994), by her sister Deborah Duchess of Devonshire in her memoirs Wait for Me!

The kitchen garden was Pam's heaven and the vegetables cherished....Her guests sat down to eat to tales of where the seeds were from, how they had been planted, and the rest of their life history.