An inexpensive way to read European food magazines!

There's an oh-so-much-better-looking e-magazine service I just discovered:
Unfortunately I do not have compatible devices for any versions of its software! but they are working on a web app that should work for me, and say it will be ready "very soon." However, if you have a Windows, Android, or certain other devices, it should work for you. They offer a free all-you-can-read for 2 weeks with no credit card info required! and after that it's about $10/month.

There are many worldwide magazines available from them (they have a total of over 550 magazines in general); here are the food magazines I would access first once I can!

(They also have home magazines I adore that often have recipes as well as amazing homes, though I'll restrain myself and let you look for those yourself!)

Has anyone tried this? How did it work?