This Week in My Kitchen

Looking back, it's no wonder I'm in the mood for something simpler in the coming week!

First, our most complicated meal of the week, though all the dishes were pretty easy:
a sausage-vegetable dish I made up with had-to-be-used-up vegetables (the mushrooms were truly delicious)
a simple green salad (by the way, that lettuce was dying but I needed to try to keep it for a couple days so trimmed it well and put it into a glass dish with a glass cover which only fit into the vegetable drawer so there it went -- and voila, it actually revived as well as simply lasted!)
a roasted broccoli dish adapted from a cauliflower recipe in The Longevity Cookbook:

and oh-so-fancy: popcorn for dessert (and The Grain of the Meal)! (there's my favorite antique tin featuring a green grocer's...)
Next, my basil really was dying, though the photos don't really show I made pesto (in my 25?-year-old teensy Cuisinart that still does the job!).

Next, a non-photogenic but super-delicious and wonderful-to-wake-up-to overnight muesli; the recipe is at :

Another day, an apple dish -- which was going to be stewed or roasted, from a suggestion in eat in magazine, along with cherries, since the apples looked pretty bad -- but lo and behold the apples were delicious though very non-fancy, so I just macerated them, omitting the cherries, and served them raw in a delicate "sauce." (Hmm, Google hates that photo apparently, so it's not here -- maybe because they read that it didn't really reflect the end product. : ) )

The same evening we had a tasty greens dish from The Longevity Cookbook:

...Now I'm in the mood for something simpler. Here are my thoughts today on that: .

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