Olive and Caper Pasta

Cook just to al dente, drain, and set aside
  pasta for 4 (I used bowties)
If you're using dried mushrooms or sun-dried tomatoes that have not been packed in oil, pour hot water over them and set them aside.
Cook in olive oil just until starting to turn golden
  a lot of fresh garlic cloves (like 24 or so)
Add about 10 sliced fresh mushrooms and saute until almost done IF you want; I prefer the dried ones below or even omitting them.
Stir in and simmer about 5 min
  about 2 cups tomato sauce (plain type; or tomato puree or paste with some water added)
  about 1 handful dried mushrooms that have been soaked and drained (or saute 10 fresh, sliced mushrooms above) (optional)
  2 handfuls sun-dried tomatoes soaked in oil and just lightly drained (or if necessary soaked as above and drained); slice them into 2 or 3 pieces each if necessary
Simmer about 5 more minutes, then stir in and cook another 2 minutes:
  about 24 green olives cut into 2 or 3 pieces each
  2 tsp capers
  a fresh herb torn up, your choice, mild-ish such as basil or cilantro (we used cilantro from our first-ever successful vegetable garden!)
Stir in the drained pasta. Add more olive oil if it needs it. It shouldn't need any more salt after the capers and olives.

Adapted from a recipe in the fun magazine YUMMY from the Philippines! (In English) the October 2010 issue
from the previous incarnation of this site on this day -- though we lived in Asia at the time, so the timing might be a little off for where you are