This Week in My Kitchen

Let's see, first it was a pretty dern awful cereal, a new recipe I tried and now have way too much of! But I'll finish it eventually!

Then it was a fish meal recipe we adored in Asia, but which turned out to be extremely bland here. It could be our changing tastes, it could be the amazing produce and fish we got over the seas; more likely it's both.

 Then it was a quite good yeast bread recipe from my definitely all-time favorite baker, Beatrice Ojakangas, from her whole grain bread cookbook.

This was my first try from that one, but if it continues as wonderful and as easy as others I've tried by her, it'll end up on my column of cookbook fame, I'm sure. This was originally a rye-wheat bread with pecans and cinnamon; I substituted oats for the rye flour and used all whole wheat (no white) flour and it was great. Like she said, cinnamon (1 Tbl for one large loaf) is a great addition, even though it's not a sweet bread.

With that we had a stovetop bean "cassserole" from eat in magazine that was pretty good...
 Lastly, actually my best attempt of the week -- adapted from the Eggs section of the 1970s Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery -- fried eggs with a few chopped mushrooms and a splash of red wine and some dried herbs and salt and pepper. The extra bowl is because (for the first time since like 1979) I've been (accidentally!) getting spoiled eggs, though only from a certain supermarket, so I break them into that bowl first, to check before a bad egg ruins the rest. I believe my great-grandmother taught me that...

The egg dish was served as a very pleasant afternoon snack.

This is with the lovely people over at . Hmm, I might not be able to join up next week, but we'll see -- lots is going on other than cooking in the days ahead.