Tomatoes and Red Bell Peppers with Rosemary

Sauté in plenty of olive oil
equal amounts tomato wedges and thin slices of red bell peppers
along with chopped rosemary to taste (fresh if possible).
Then sprinkle with sea salt.
Then put on very thin slices of a nice cheese, not too much, turn off heat, and wait for it to melt; I used the incredible cheese from Scotland that actually reminds me of Parmesan, but at a fraction of the price in India! McLelland Seriously Strong Extra Mature Cheddar.
If you happen to have already sautéed some red bell peppers and stored them in olive oil in the refrigerator, wow! and perfect! Use their oil for the sautéeing and stir in the already-cooked bell peppers near the end.

Inspired by a very different recipe in My New Favorite Magazine: Cuisiner au Jour le Jour for Mai-Juin-Juillet 2010, for Semaine 1 Lundi -- their pizza-like Tatin provençale au rondin de chévre.

(This was posted years ago at this site's predecessor, when we lived in India. However, note that that magazine became not-so-much-my favorite because it started repeating itself. However, collecting a year's worth is very pleasant and useful.)