A great day in the kitchen!

Today is November 8, which is National Cook Something Bold Day!

Today is possibly also a Festival of the Kitchen in some places in Japan, I read in one old book -- but I have not been able to confirm this festival nor to get details on how it's celebrated. However, what a wonderful idea to have such a festival -- I've put it onto my calendar for next year to dream up suitable ways to celebrate such a holiday for myself. How about a quick spruce-up and getting any new helpful cooking appliances I've been needing?! as well as wonderful food from my "hearth" of course...

Back to Cook Something Bold Day! I'm celebrating with these dishes today:
breakfast: A Persian Porridge, which was amazing (recipe below) (served with cappuccino -- it's also National Cappuccino Day!!)
lunch: I'm going to try an eggplant-mint-yogurt dish from a new-to-me cookbook (also using some frozen charred eggplant I never tried -- for some reason this summer and early fall saw no eggplant in my shops)
dinner: I'm going to do a good chicken curry I've been doing since oh 1996 maybe...

PERSIAN PORRIDGE: Relaxing & Appetizing Aromatherapy in a Bowl!
for 2

This is best set up the night before.

Put into a saucepan the night before and store in the refrigerator:
    1 cup barley flakes (I like what I found at https://www.vitacost.com/shiloh-farms-organic-barley-flakes )
    1-1/8 cup water
    1 cup milk
    at least 1 tbl honey
    a few cut-up dried apricots
    a couple cut-up dates
    pinch of salt
    about 1 tbl rosewater (the only safe type I've found is at https://www.vitacost.com/north-american-herb-spice-essence-of-pure-rose-petals )

In the morning, simmer until done (about 6 minutes).
Top with
    almonds (nice if you have leftover glazed sliced)

Adapted from Rachel Khoo's Muesli & Granola