Meal planning "helps" that made planning harder

Today is the last day of a weekly meal-planning service to which I had a year subscription -- I am so relieved it's over at last! Because I bought it, I felt I needed to check out the ideas every week...even though they were repetitive, and only appealed to my tastes about once in the entire year. I would say only subscribe to such a service if absolutely sure it fits your tastes or offers a very easy all-your-money-back guarantee.

Besides, though I'd love to have someone else plan my meals for a change, I have zillions of interesting menu and recipe ideas from sources such as this that I can use.

Yikes, I also have a menu book I finally wrote for myself, which unlike any other plans I've seen has 3! snack ideas a day as well as 3 normal meals for every day of the year, many of them drawing from very old sources and historical anniversaries but also featuring original modern recipes. I'd been looking for such a book for years and like so many of my interests I had to end up doing it myself. If I ever offer it to others, as a result of this disappointing experience, I'll definitely either offer it free or give a no-problems money-back guarantee...because obviously we all have different tastes and very few of us have unlimited budgets.