The Heinz Book of Meat Cookery, 1932

As I mentioned the other day, I got some wonderful old recipe booklets in my mailbox. Here's one of them -- probably one of the least photogenic, but interesting nonetheless:

I found it interesting that even though this was written in 1932 it spoke of the long-gone "old days" when people used to make their own condiments, whereas "today's" person had "more varied...interests" that kept them too busy to make their own pickles, jellies, catsup, etc.! Which of course was very much to this particular company's advantage!

Perhaps you've wondered about the "Heinz 57" mention in some places. There indeed were 57 products, and they are listed in this book. Actually, according to their official site, when Mr. Heinz decided to use that number, it was because he felt it was lucky, even though they already had more products than that in their lineup. This 1932 book lists them, and they include pork-and-beans type products, various soups, many condiments -- but what surprised me were desserts like fig pudding and breakfasts like Rice Flakes. I somehow picked up a brochure from Heinz in Germany maybe 8 or 10 years ago, and they listed more products than I'd seen in my country of the USA...

Wow, I just learned on Heinz's official site, , that they've merged with Kraft! That is one huge company!

The recipe from this that looks most intriguing to me is an idea called "Individual Cold Platter" in which one divides up a plate and has different spots for, say, little sandwiches and for pickles.

(A personal note: I start with this "review" because Heinz is dear to my heart because I may not be here if it were not for Heinz -- a job with them was what brought my dad to the town where he met my mom!)