Lamb with Rosemary and Olives

Marinate -- as long as you can (at least 20 minutes, but up to 24 hrs if your lamb is tough -- if doing for a short time just marinate in the pan you'll ccok in) (note you will cook in the "marinade" and it will become the lamb's sauce):
boneless lamb cut into small bite-size
rosemary chopped (fresh is nice)
parsley chopped (about same amount as rosemary)
some almonds chopped
a generous amount of olive oil
a generous amount of inexpensive port or red wine
a generous amount of garlic
a splash of Thai fish sauce (or anchovies if you have them)
a generous amount of green olives (stuffed if you like that) (no need to slice)
Then cook in the marinade/sauce on the stovetop until done. Add a bit of water and/or more port if it starts getting dry.
Serve over hot rice.

Extremely changed from the wonderful Jamie Oliver's wonderful recipe Leg of Lamb Stuffed with Olives, Bread, Pinenuts, and Herbs in his Jamie's Italy cookbook. 
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