Salmon with Arugula

This only makes enough for 1 big serving or 2 smallish; you may want to double it.

In a small skillet in about 1-1/2 Tblsn olive oil cook a bit over halfway
  5 oz salmon cut into big chunks

Then push it to the side and add to the pan
   1 tsp horseradish (not the sauce but real but bottled horseradish; I must add the name of a natural one I finally found in a natural section of a refrigerated section at a grocery store)
  a couple handfuls of arugula and baby spinach and herb mix (or just arugula)

Cover and cook until done. Season with
  salt and pepper
  half a lime's juice
  some good olive oil

Very adapted from Jamie Oliver's smoked salmon salad in his Jamie's 30-Minute Meals 

(a re-post from this site's predecessor; I'm rescuing recipes from the ether)