Menu planning from 1906

Today I was very happy to see how easy it would be to adapt in 2014 from the ideas in the 1906 International Cook Book by Filippini, which has menus for every meal for every day of the year! Yes, we are changing it immensely -- Chef Filippini tells his readers to do that anyway -- e.g., we indeed are not having three meats for dinner -- but it's very easy to change his menus at least for this coming week in September to be quite easy. Here are some of my adaptations...Yes, they include some already-made items, but I've found some inexpensive options that are made with only the same ingredients I'd make them from myself (anything that's not truly a food makes us feel ill, a Very Bad Idea! including "organic" additives), and surely there is nothing wrong with that -- and often they're less expensive than the raw ingredients in our area!....

oatmeal or cereal with peaches

cornmeal pancakes (he suggests some rum and some orange in them, that sounds tasty!) served with maple syrup and/or confectioner's sugar

(and the others either leftovers or otherwise super easy)

a lunch
boiled eggs in a simple white sauce with tarragon and parsley
tomato soup

a few simple dinners
green salad
roast beef already made
nice rolls already made
potatoes already prepared
green beans
chocolate with toasted hazelnuts

green salad with various other raw vegetables
potatoes already prepared
nice rolls already made

green salad
vegetable-filled pasta with a tomato sauce, both already made

green salad
hash browns

anchovy toast
vegetable soup

In case you're interested, here's a taste of the original menus -- hmm, obviously I adore options.
For the peaches and oatmeal breakfast, the original was: 
sliced peaches and cream
oatmeal porridge
stuffed eggs with sorrel
fried whitebait
tripe with Lyonnaise
grilled white potatoes
raisin cakes

For the egg lunch, the original was: 
eggs Molet Jacksonville actually from that day's suggested breakfast
that day's lunch was...
tomato broth
stuffed devilled crabs
country captain
pear Charlotte

For the super easy roast beef dinner, the original was: 
salted almonds
shin of beef Liée
terrine of smelts
Brabant potatoes
veal mignons with sauce Bordelaise
string beans Poulette
roast turkey with cranberry sauce
romaine salad
hazelnut ice cream