A Delicious Indian Dinner

(Note that this is my first re-posting of a menu/recipe/restaurant review/etc. from the previous incarnation of this site....Some are just too good to let them stay in the ether! though with the few reviews I re-post I'll remind readers that of course now, years later, restaurants may have changed...)

This was just perfect, with a mild vegetable dish, rice, easy sides, and a spicy chicken dish.

Vegetables Korma: A Sweetish Vegetable and Fruit Dish from India (see recipe)
Chicken Chettinad (premade, by Kitchens of India; it's a black-pepper-spiced chicken-in-sauce dish)
Cucumber Slices
Radish Slices (I used the Indian long white ones, but they taste a lot like the round red ones)
Basmati Rice (it's very easily made in a rice cooker)