A 1954 fridge feature you're probably better off without!

Haha, I just saw an ad (in an old Ozzie and Harriet DVD) for a Hotpoint refrigerator-freezer from 1954 -- its INSIDE door features an aluminum foil dispenser! You'd have to have your door open for a while to use that! 

Sorry I can't find a picture of that...though in looking for it I found a 1954 General Electric fridge STILL WORKING for sale online!!! That's something you won't find I bet in 68 years, a working 2022 fridge! (Hmm, it looks like GE bought Hotpoint; but this in-operation fridge is GE.)

Meal planning with fabulous recipes!

I'd been seeing a lot of meal planning services -- and had tried several for a year -- but they just didn't have fabulous recipes. I thought, "I wish Jamie Oliver would do that..." because I adore his recipes.

And today I found out he is offering such a service!!!!! It's called JUM and is available through www.jamieoliver.com -- though I believe it's going to be very helpful that he has a Jum app for iPhone, because I don't have a laptop from which to read recipes...

It actually costs considerably less than others I've seen advertised, and has a feature where you can look for specific ingredients, and you can easily assign when you want any meal you've chosen. 

SO happy. (I know, I have already written A Book of meal plans, which you've hopefully noticed I'm offering free on this site, but it's much less lonely and more fun to cook when some of your meals have been suggested by friendly lovely people such as Mr. Oliver and his friends.)