A lovely retro kitchen from a lovely book and magazine

Here is a kitchen in New Orleans (the glare is from my lamp, sorry), from the Rizzoli book Bohemian Soul: The Vanishing Interiors of New Orleans


adapted for a wonderful article in the March-April 2024 issue of my favorite magazine, The Magazine Antiques, https://www.themagazineantiques.com/ , whose cover featured the same home. I was so saddened to hear of its wonderful editor's recent passing, what a loss to us.


Haha, a different type of recipe!

Today I stirred together an idea for a face masque from the Autumn 2023 issue of the lovely magazine Willow & Sage -- I used sheep's milk yogurt (the picture is of what I used, the best I ever tasted), Maine wild raspberry honey, a bit of olive oil, a little bit of rosehip and hibiscus from a teabag, and some mashed just-cooked butternut squash! I let it steep in the fridge and just tried it tonight. I found I had made just a tablespoon or so too much but guess what -- it was DELICIOUS :-)

(The recipe in this gorgeous magazine is much more refined, by the way!!)

a quite amazing pantry-plus-Aerogarden dinner

 my best pantry ish meal ever aka all in one Caesar salad ish dinner


Note you’ll need the advantage of some garden(s) as well for the greens.


Put into a big salad bowl in approximate order

·      torn greens eg baby bok choy

·      generous herbs eg Italian parsley; I also had a big assortment of basil; torn if rather large

·      cubed cooked beets, preferably pickled (drained of liquid)

·      finely grated Parmesan (this is actually fine as the canned type)

·      some black pepper

·      pretty good tuna in olive oil (I see this mostly in glass jars)

Then when you’re ready to serve, add the following and toss:

·      panko bread crumbs (fine is great)


General seasonal menus

I'd made a list -- ever evolving -- of what food and accoutrements make me feel fabulous, tweaked according to what medscape.com and similar report as useful for long-term health...but it just seemed TOO general a list to be inspiring. So then I went to what's seasonal when where I am and also thought of lovely set-ups for meals, and voila this is what I came up with -- of course totally redo it to your own loves and requirements! I also added art to my own versions, from my newest favorite app Zinnia...


A nice recipe for eggs in winter

I created this when I wanted orange eggs for some reason but couldn't find a recipe! 

pleasant mandarin eggs


Place in a nonstick skillet generous amounts of

         butter (up to 2 tbl)

         country mustard

Turn on the heat; when the butter is melted and you’ve stirred it and the mustard together, break in

         4 eggs

Salt them.

Top with modest amounts (unless you really want more)


         chili flakes

         paprika (smoked if you’d like)

         tarragon (if you have fresh, add it after the eggs are done)

Cover and cook about 4 minutes, until done. Meanwhile get the mandarins ready…

Top with

         2 or 3 mandarin oranges, sectioned



The LAST of 12 installments! of a wonderful source of menus & recipes for you: DECEMBER

Here's the last of the free source of menus and other food ideas for you! I usually do this mid-month in the preceding month, but I'm having computer issues so wanted to publish this before any delay!

Details about using this are at http://favoritefoodthisweek.blogspot.com/2021/12/the-1st-of-12-installments-of-wonderful.html .

Here's December!!!


A glimpse of this last month: