Some fantastic shrimp!


Tarragon Shrimp


so easy and delicious!


for 2 – easily doubled etc


You'll need cooked hot rice for serving, if you need to start that.

Also some kind of vegetables – I had cooked mushrooms and also a green salad straight from my amazing Aerogarden!


Put into a skillet and sauté until close to done:

         1 tbl butter

         about 1 tbl olive oil

         2 shallots cut in half and then sliced


Add and cook until done:

         shrimp for 2 (if it has some "broth" to add, even better!)





         tarragon to taste

         about ¼ cup wine (I used red because that's all I had but I'm sure white would be lovely)


Simmer a bit til it's to the consistency you want.


Serve over hot rice.

Inspired by Baked Scallops with Herb Butter in Anne Willan's amazing In & Out of the Kitchen in 15 Minutes or Less!


The 1st of 12 installments of a wonderful new source of menus & recipes for you! JANUARY

Here's what I promised you! I've finished editing and am all ready for you -- a book of menus for every single menu for every single day including a lot of snacks! Here's the 1st installment -- it includes the "cover," table of contents, introductory pages including recipes I use a lot, and then JANUARY! Very many menus are very retro and often historical! though I have taken great pains to make the ideas doable, including ways to simplify as you wish.

Um, as you'll see when I offer February next month -- I'm scheduling everything to come out mid-month of the month ahead until the whole book is offered -- there are actually 366 days, since of course I'm offering Leap Day. This book much emphasizes holidays of one's own choosing! including of course many food holidays.

The way I've worked with my copy is, print out the document double sided, punch holes with a handy 3-hole puncher, and insert it into a 3-ring notebook. I actually have a separate notebook for every month, because I use the same notebook to insert yet more menu ideas and recipes I want to try that would be especially nice in that month; then I shelve them with monthly cooking magazines I want to keep. This is set up for my country that uses 8.5x11 paper and 3-hole looseleaf notebooks -- if you use A4 (like most of the world!) and/or I think a different looseleaf arrangement, adjust accordingly -- I do give you permission to work with this in whatever way works for you, except selling it -- I would like to encourage everyone to have fun at every meal so have decided to offer this entire large book free.


Coming soon to a computer near you! a fascinating set of retro and other menus for every meal of every day for a year. I'm up to editing the last month, and then I plan to offer them to you hopefully in the last month of this year so you can plan ahead.

I apologize that I've been here so seldom; the quite sudden loss to cancer of my beloved brilliant scientist-husband has been a very long and difficult road to travel...


I'm looking for what Portmeirion is calling a "breakfast cup," a pretty teacup that's not too tiny, like at , which is blissfully (for me) made in England:

-- and when I looked for a breakfast cup in general, I learned there's such a thing as a

breakfast table

breakfast pillow

! Who knew?! Well, obviously, many people, but not I. And then, as I touched on ages ago somewhere on this site!, if you look for

breakfast set

say on Etsy, you'll see all sorts of fascinating ideas for your morning comforts, from various cultures!

Caper Capsicum Eggs


Caper Capsicum Eggs


Sauté in about 1 tbl of olive oil until just beginning to become a little golden:

         red sweet/bell pepper (aka capsicum), somewhat small, cut up

Meanwhile mix up and be ready to pour into skillet:

         4 eggs

         about 2 tsp capers

         about 1.5 tbl caper juice

         about 2 oz cubed herbed cheese (I used havarti with dill)

         black pepper

Pour in when the capsicum is ready and cook and stir until done.


Somehow this reminded me of breakfasts I would get in Manhattan when we lived there!




Bar cookies to use up homemade "biscuit" mix


Homemade Biscuit Mix Bar Cookies

lovely for using up the last cup-ish of homemade Bisquick

 (You can see my by-far favorite recipe for that at )



         1 egg


         ¼ cup walnut oil

         ¼ cup sugar

         about 3 tbl milk

         ½ tsp vanilla

Add and mix well

         1 cup Bisquick®

Add 1 cup of additions; I like

         ½ cup "big" natural coconut

         about 5 cut-up dates

         the rest pecans

Pour into a 9" cake pan lined with parchment paper; pour into the center of the pan.

Bake at 400 for about 21 minutes.



very adapted from