My new favorite cookbook!!!

This is sort-of a follow-up to my mention that I was going to try a new-to-me cookbook, at , especially

I am super excited about a cookbook delivery I got yesterday, which had a cookbook I only recently discovered, The Kitchen Revolution by Rosie Sykes, Polly Russell, and Zoe Heron. I don't think it ever caught on in America; I had to source it from Great Britain. It's from 2008. Its design is a charming notebook style.

It has so much of what I've long wanted in a cookbook -- and which the authors themselves said they had not been able to find -- it's complete dinner plans for the year including grocery lists and a recipe each day. Mind you, I've not tried any recipes yet; if they're good too I shall have to make a new category of books (finally!) that have both fabulous menus and fabulous recipes. Each week has these options; I'm listing them in my favored order in which to use them assuming I'm getting groceries the day I start using them:

  • a very quick meal featuring all very seasonal foods (tho all the menus pay attention to what's in season) 
  • a longer-prep meal that gives you leftovers for some other meals (like mine this coming week is extra cooked fish)
  • two other very quick meals that use those leftovers
  • one more longer-prep meal that gives 2 full meals so one day is no-work
  • another very quick meal, perfect just before you grocery shop, made of staples in your pantry or larder
Mind you, these are real meals -- so many American "menu plans," especially those that claim to be economical, have like 1 vegetable serving spread among 6 people, and don't even mention one might at least want to add a generous salad. I've noticed that British sources are more careful about that. It's also far closer to my own what-works-for-me nutrition -- I'm seeing frequent vegetarian and seafood options.
The update: These recipes are DELICIOUS! And I am super difficult to please!

The recipes are also extremely interesting -- I actually made a seafood soufflé last night, an interesting vegetarian repast with a dip another night, and possibly the best fish I ever made another night -- and along the way have already compiled 3 extra meals in the freezer! The recipes are not the fastest I've ever tried, but they are worth the time, and fun to use -- I realized after using one of them that I was definitely in the hands of experts and could just relax and follow directions and everything would turn out great. If you try the book and are slowish in the kitchen like I am, add some minutes to their suggestions "About x minutes before you want to eat...". Also be aware that they have the healthy and economical approach of making a lot of foods that can be bought for faster cooking -- like the careful instructions on roasting red peppers and also corn on the cob -- I substituted jarred and frozen, respectively.

I am SO happy with this book! I'm adding a new Cookbook Column of Fame theme...