Vegetable-Rich Fried Rice

Have a heaping cup of already cooked rice available.

Saute in 2 or 3 Tblspn light olive oil until softish
  1 large onion or 2 or 3 leeks chopped
Add and simmer until vegetables are pretty much cooked
  about 10 oz mixed vegetables (my favorite is finely chopped baby corn and regular corn! and green beans and carrots)
  1 Tblspn soy sauce
  1 tsp gin (or rice wine if you have it)
  1/2 tsp sugar (or a bit less)
  1 tsp salt (sorry it's not as good without it)
  1 tsp toasted sesame oil
  about 1 Tblspn Oriental sliced ginger or fresh, chopped
  about 2 tsp garlic paste or fresh
  1/2 cup water
Then stir in the rice, then stir in if you'd like to make this a main course
  3 to 5 eggs
Stir until the eggs are cooked and the rice is hot.
This freezes pretty well even with the eggs.

(Much adapted from my favorite-ever Chinese cookbook: Rice Braised with Mixed Vegetables in Daniel Reid's Homestyle Chinese Cooking.)

(from previous incarnation of this site)