A Fabulous Homemade Ice Cream: Mocha-Lime-Hazelnut

 I combined ideas from the May 2012 Southern Living's Lemon Icebox Pie Ice Cream and a coating for ice cream in Jamie (Oliver)'s 30-Minute Meals -- and also had to work with the constraint that our grocery store had to close because of a power outage! but I think with a better, definitely less fatty, result!

1 Tbspn lime rind very fine (from 3 organic limes; I love a microplane for this)
about 1/3 cup lime juice (from the same limes)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
a bit over 2 cups whole milk

Freeze in your freezer until it's starting to get very thick -- stir every 30 to 60 min with a fork. Meanwhile whirl in a food processor until getting powdery
a big handful hazelnuts
Then add
a broken-up half big bar of chocolate (about 50g)
and whirl until powdery. Stir in
about 2 tsp ground coffee (I used Starbucks House Blend; if you are not bothered by caffeine you could experiment with more)
Stir the mixture into the lime ice and keep freezing, stirring occasionally, until to the solidity you like.

(This is a re-post from this site's predecessor, surprisingly from the USA -- this weird area gets a lot of power outages.)