My favorite b & b suite ever

It wasn't just historical-looking, it had a little dining room complete with rustic chandelier! It's in what I think of as southern Indiana, 'way off the highway and down winding country roads, at a place called Artists Colony Inn in Nashville, Indiana, and it's their T.C. Steele "room." Their site is . Um, I should mention I really didn't enjoy the food there, though they were very friendly and nice to me, and I also wasn't able to sleep there because it was so bright -- but it still was an absolutely darling place to stay! I never saw such fun use of a space, and think the idea would be great for a New York-sized apartment (though truth be told this is a bit larger than my first apartment there!).
just as you enter the suite, looking through an interior window and a couple door-sized openings

a glimpse of the "dining room" and the balcony, and also a picture by the artist Steele

the "dining room" with curtains closed

looking from the dining room and toward the 2 bed rooms