My first stir-up day

I joined Great Britain and any other countries that do Stir-Up Sundays, though I was a week or so late....The fruitcake smells delicious -- very rum-y! -- and the recipe I found said we could sample it in a week or so from now, yum! I never made fruitcake before and am excited to try this....Two things I learned were to have huge amounts of dry fruits on hand, and it would be great if you had a big-enough cake tin to put your wrapped cake into -- I'm having to do with a covered huge skillet -- which is probably why I can smell the fruitcake and its rum! Um, you can see that I also used some Grand Marnier -- I couldn't find fruit peels without additives I can't have, and then couldn't find very good oranges and lemons with which to make my own candied peel even though I did locate a recipe for that. I was also relieved to find already-made marzipan, as so many recipes call for raw egg -- though I did locate a recipe without it at last.....Anyway, it's an experiment I highly recommend (though I believe it's going to end up being so full of rum I can't share it with children).
Speaking of tins, of course there are darling retro ones available, though one probably has to look carefully to find one suitable for food, even though the cake would be wrapped first. There's one today at Etsy, :

Speaking of London, my recipe is more the British fruitcake, less the American, which I never found as tasty...But speaking of American fruitcakes, I was intrigued to see that a brand of bread my grandparents used to buy all the time used to sell fruitcakes: