Mourning food

I am in the midst of mourning...and was wondering what foods, if any, are traditional comforts to mourners. I'm not talking about, say, the ancient Greek custom of giving the dead money to cross that river, nor about the kind casserole tradition in the American Midwest given to grieving families as a practical and kind provision...

I discovered a rich tradition for such times in Judaism: . I recently saw Victorian funeral biscuits in New York's Merchant's House Museum, ; they are discussed at (not a read for the squeamish). I've not found a scholarly resource on other cultures' mourning foods, though someone has tried to compile such a book...

So how about foods recommended to help with sadness in general? Here's what I've seen listed over the years as comforting to most humans, though I wonder how much it's affected by one's culture:
  • a hot beverage you like
  • cardamom
  • vanilla
  • fatty fish
  • olive oil
  • foods rich in folate/folic acid (rich sources include beans, dairy, fruit, nuts, tea, vegetables)
  • if the mourning is from a traumatic event such as the unleashing of a foul misogynist: coriander, thyme, ginger, sage, oats, oranges