This Week's...Cookbook

It's just one this week, folks; one excellent reason for that is that I only have one unpacked (actually never packed because I treasure it so much I carried it with me in a suitcase from down south)! We got moved into our new house over the weekend.

We were completely tired of super easy (as in pretty much premade) foods and I so wanted some home cooking, though of course very easy as well -- after all, I had no knives unpacked, no measuring cups, etc etc. I have been getting fun ideas though from a cookbook in a sidebar:

Modern Meal Maker: 1115 Menus, 744 Recipes

Modern Meal Maker: 1115 Menus, 744 Recipes
by Martha Meade, from 1939
I may or may not have mentioned how great old cookbooks such as this can be at being thrifty -- and also remembering to have a great variety of vegetables. At the same time, I'm making it easy with already-cooked meats, cut vegetables, etc., and as always using her ideas to inspire my own. Let's see, we've already had a chef's salad I adapted from a menu idea -- eaten with bliss in our new conservatory; tonight we're having roast beef with apple slices and a dusting of cinnamon, with peas and cauliflower on the side with a grating of nutmeg (can you tell I found my spices?!), and some sweet potato "tots" done on top of the stove since I've not found any baking tins as yet -- but I am 100% sure this meal will be eaten in front of the TV because we've been without TV for 3 months -- and without TV cable for 15 years (I kid you not) and we feel like enjoying it!! 
Yikes, I better go downstairs and cook that repast, speaking of cooking...