Fish with Rutabaga

(Note you really need the preserved lemon for this; it adds a lot; normal lemons just won't be half as good.)

Slice 1 big red onion into medium wedges and cook in about 3 tablespoons of olive oil until getting tender and browned.

Add and stir
   2 c chicken broth (I just used a generic though organic and low-sodium one)
   1/3 c red wine (I used leftover Mouton Cadet Bordeaux from Baron Philippe de Rothschild)
   3 big garlic cloves sliced
   black pepper freshly ground

Then stir in
   2 medium rutabagas peeled and irregularly cubed into about 1" cubes (I got mine very fresh through a farmer-direct home delivery) (I'm sure turnips would substitute quite well)
Simmer until almost done; mine took about 20 min.

   1 preserved lemon diced, seeds discarded (people often recommend just using the peel but I love the whole thing) (I like the brand I used today -- Mustapha's -- I found it at World Market -- though decades ago I found another brand I loved completely, possibly just a homemade one, in a small New York grocery which also had flavorings such as saffron in it)
   2 thin fish fillets
Simmer covered until everything's done; when it's almost done add and keep the lid just partially on
   a small handful of fresh parsley chopped (scissors made it easy)

Taste and add salt if necessary (it usually won't be with most chicken broths and preserved lemons). Serve over couscous because it'll have a nice sauce.

Extremely adapted from Nigel Slater's A Dish of Lamb Shanks with Preserved Lemon and Rutabaga in his Tender: A Cook and His Vegetable Patch