Meal Kits vs The Old Way

Just FYI. We've tried an inordinate number of oh-so-popular meal kits. They sound so enticing. But the non-organic ones all made us terribly sick; I've found that non-"organic" seems to come with additives in addition to non-organic pesticides. In my area there's only one "organic" "meal kit" delivery service...and unfortunately we didn't really like the recipes. Looks like there are other options on the East and West coasts of the USA. (UPDATE: Woo-hoo, one of them arrived here, and we actually like it so far! It's the perfect balance for us of taste, ease, and variety -- it comes with 2 dinners from all sorts of cuisines that only take 10 to 45 minutes so far even for slowpoke moi and 2 breakfasts which I use for dinner sometimes if it's eggs, otherwise breakfast or lunch or snack like when it's a smoothie -- it's just enough to make my life easier right now.)

Anyway, most meal kits we've tried (not all) were more grocery delivery services -- it could take up to 2 hours before a meal was ready, and only like once was it worth the effort and time.

SO. I realized that for our tastes and health needs, Retro Is Better -- filling one's freezer with real food retro, being in charge of the recipe choices oneself retro. I've ordered a couple books from England that give promising-sounding menus that will organize me for say a week of dinners and even lunches -- and I definitely will use my long-beloved Kitchen Revolution cookbook more -- these experiences make me appreciate its always delicious recipes and consummate organization even more. Some of its plans take me up to 2 hours to make because I am slow -- but so did the god-awful meal kits! and Kitchen Revolution's plans always give me loads to keep in the freezer for future, effortless meals!

I made a document in MS Word to keep track of what we hopefully will soonish have on hand, again fitting our own health and taste (and budget) requirements: