Some retro but easy menus

To follow up on what I mentioned yesterday, that I had found that lots of retro menus actually were not super time-consuming, here are a few samples of interesting ideas that do not necessarily have to take a long time, from autumn in the specified cookbooks...

for breakfast
with some ideas from the 1910 The Hotel St. Francis Cook Book by Victor Hirtzler
waffles or rolls with honeycomb honey & fresh fruit

for lunch
adapted from the 1905 Mrs. Rorer's Every Day Menu Book by Mrs. Sarah Tyson Rorer
macaroni and cheese with tomatoes
green salad
baked bananas

for a snack
inspired by breakfast in the 1912 The Helping Hand Cookbook by Marion Harland and Christine Terhune Herrick

another snack possibility
inspired by a dessert with cider sauce I saw in a 1920s Australian cookbook
sweet cider