Mulberry and Almond Muesli

Toast in a big skillet until starting to get golden (along with any below seeds or nuts that haven't already been toasted):
   1-1/2 cups barley flakes (I like these, which I found at :)

   1/2 cup quinoa flakes

Add when completely cool:
   1/4 cup pumpkin seeds, toasted, preferably sprouted
   heaping tablespoon sucanat or brown sugar
   1/2 cup dried mulberries (I like these, also found at :)
   1/4 cup almonds, toasted, left whole
   heaping tablespoon powdered milk
   plus a little salt if your almonds and/or seeds were not salted already

Very adapted from Gluten-Free Muesli in Rachel Khoo's great Muesli & Granola book