A Delicious Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Dinner

Start cooking, preferably in a rice cooker,
    farro (easiest if 10-minute/parboiled type)

At some point, make an arugula salad topped with your favorite mustardy vinaigrette (olive oil, vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper); make about 3 tbl extra of the vinaigrette. Even better if you add chiffonade of radicchio to the salad.

(If you don't have toasted walnuts, do that in the below skillet and set aside.)

Saute in a large skillet with 1/2 tbl butter and 1-1/2 tbl olive oil,
for a few minutes,
    ½ a medium mild onion.
Add and saute, covered, until liquid is coming out
    a package cleaned sliced baby bella mushrooms.
Push the mushrooms to one side. Place on top of them
    about 3 dried figs, chopped, or even better if fresh
Add and cook, covered, until registers 165 F on a thermometer
    up to 1 lb chicken tenders (thin, cut, boneless, skinless for 4)
    salt and pepper (don't oversalt; you'll be adding salty cheeses)
    a splash of water
Add and cover and keep on low heat for up to a couple minutes
    1 oz blue cheese, crumbled
    3 oz feta cheese, chopped
Uncover, top with your extra vinaigrette.
Turn off heat and top with
    a small handful chopped toasted walnuts if you have them

Serve the salad as the side. Place the other vegetables and the jus over the farro, and the chicken there too or on the side, as you wish.

Very changed from the Salad of Fig-Stuffed Chicken with Blue Cheese in Anne Willan's 1995 In & Out of the Kitchen in Fifteen Minutes or Less, a wonderful source!