My latest meal delivery experiment

I've had trouble with additives in the meal kits and other deliveries I've tried in the past, or even worse trouble with non-fresh food in them; as a consequence I've not used one for a very long time. But right now it would be so very nice to have help in the kitchen! so Splendid Spoon sounded perfect for me, so I'm going to be trying it.

In many ways they remind me of the very reasonably priced options I had in Manhattan, and indeed they are from New York and have worked in amazing restaurants. They actually list ingredients, which so few do! They've also already made the meals, how wonderful! and frozen them for use whenever. And they offer what my diet seems to need right now -- smoothies I can have whenever (they recommend breakfast but I'm having trouble keeping my weight up, I know poor me, so I may use them in the late morning when smoothies keep me going), a breakfast bowl enough for possibly 2 breakfasts, a luncheon bowl or two or three also enough for up to 2 lunches each, plus soups, to make up to 10 servings of lunches! They also have a more liquid day option which would not work for me right now, but their software is fabulously easy to use to change per your preferences. Dinner is mostly up to the customer, and I'll mostly be turning to chefs' cookbooks like Jamie Oliver's, whose recipes are consistently delicious....This should also solve my problem of how if I eat at most of my loved ones' homes I get terribly sick for weeks! by explaining hey, sorry, but I have weird sensitivities, but I'll bring my little bowl so you don't have to worry about me (though as much as possible I just don't go at mealtimes, so there's no chance of making anyone uncomfortable).

When I asked Splendid Spoon for more details about their nut milks in a few of their smoothies, customer service got back to me on a weekend, which was so very kind of them! They said about additives, "We do not use any lecithins nor gums nor additives in any of our products-- any 'milks' that we make are a blend of said nut and water made at our facility.  We also do not add any sugar-- any sugars occur naturally in the fruits and vegetables we use in our everyday ingredients." Perfect! I'll let you know how everything tastes! (Um, the way I have handled "reviews" in the past is that if I mention a company and they turn out to be unreliable, I just remove any mentions/posts about them, because everyone has different experiences...)

UPDATE: Hmm, I've had to stop getting the smoothies because I'm sensitive to some of their ingredients, which I didn't know because I never tried them before. I'm going to try the part of the plan that includes elixir-type foods, which appeals to me, though again because of my unusual weight needs I'll be using their offerings in addition to other nutritious, real foods. However, they really are better at their speciality of helping people fill up on good foods and not overeat -- I'm running into the problem-for-me that I'm less hungry because the dishes are so filling, but I need to eat more! So we'll see!