Vintage kitchen stuff online and THIS WEEKEND!

I'm in the St Louis area this weekend, and discovered a lovely booth at Vintage Bliss Market at West Port Plaza, Maryland Heights, Missouri, running today and tomorrow, June 24 and 25, 2017, whose owner has an Etsy shop!

Her booth was full of things I've always loved, even as a child, like farming magazines my grandpa used to get and story flyers I was given as a child. I found a lovely apron there, and also the coolest cookbook, Lorain Cooking, copyright 1930, from the American Stove Company out of St Louis, featuring recipes that take advantage of their new-fangled oven thermostat, turning temperatures up and down, or trying different temperatures. Nowadays I just see some bread and roasted fowl recipes calling for this approach. How fun! and how appropriate to find in this very area! You can find it online such as at -- I should mention that mine was in much better condition: