A Cook's Tour with Minute Tapioca, 1929

This states that its "majority of recipes...were selected by internationally famous food experts from the returns of a world-wide contest in which 121,619 housewives, here and abroad, competed"!

My favorite-so-far freezer organizing sheets

I finally came up with my own ideal of keeping track of what I have in the freezer -- the below document I did in MS Word, plus the complete meals list I showed at http://favoritefoodthisweek.blogspot.com/2016/09/meal-kits-vs-old-way.html . Over at http://favoritefoodthisweek.blogspot.com/2016/09/making-meal-planning-easier.html I mentioned my idea of placing the complete meals that are in more than one container into organic, unbleached cotton drawstring bags -- that's working out well; it makes it ever so easy just to grab a bag on crazy days!