Salmon with Arugula

This only makes enough for 1 big serving or 2 smallish; you may want to double it.

In a small skillet in about 1-1/2 Tblsn olive oil cook a bit over halfway
  5 oz salmon cut into big chunks

Then push it to the side and add to the pan
   1 tsp horseradish (not the sauce but real but bottled horseradish; I must add the name of a natural one I finally found in a natural section of a refrigerated section at a grocery store)
  a couple handfuls of arugula and baby spinach and herb mix (or just arugula)

Cover and cook until done. Season with
  salt and pepper
  half a lime's juice
  some good olive oil

Very adapted from Jamie Oliver's smoked salmon salad in his Jamie's 30-Minute Meals 

(a re-post from this site's predecessor; I'm rescuing recipes from the ether)

This Week's Cookbooks

Lots of books and clippings, now I've located almost everything!

And it's a wonderfully social week in my kitchen as well -- I'm joining my favorite blog hop, I Heart Cooking Clubs, and also in person a dear friend who's joining me with Heather for her Whole Foods Kitchen workshop -- loving the recipes!

a fabulous salad dressing sorta from 1906

somewhat based on recipe #863 in The International Cookbook by Filippini, 1906, except I used more seasonings

Make to taste; these measurements are about what I used; great with a green salad such as arugula with radish slices.

Put into a bowl:
1/2 tsp American curry powder
1 tsp good mustard
1/8 tsp chipotle chili flakes
some diced shallot (freeze-dried is actually fine!)
1/4 cup finely chopped parsley
1/4 cup finely chopped chives
1 clove garlic finely chopped
juice of about 1/6 lemon
salt and pepper

Stir in 1 Tbl olive oil and blend nicely.

Then add more olive oil and
balsamic vinegar
to taste. (This is where I made big changes; he called for making a quart! whereas I made about 3/4 cup at most with the above seasonings. He also called for removing the solids, but they were among the best parts!)
Best if you let it just sit at room temperature for 20 or so minutes before serving, for the flavors to blend.

A surprisingly tasty supper

I'm still faced with hundreds of unpacked boxes, though just about all I do all day is unpack. So I was just putting together an easy dinner one night...and lo and behold, it was really delicious! Here's what we had:

omelet made with sauteed assorted bell peppers (from frozen), over which I poured my beaten eggs with salt and pepper

a delicious arugula and radish salad
  whose fantastic dressing is sorta from 1906! recipe to come

toasted Ezekiel or whatever sesame bread