Come into the Kitchen, 1930?

This cookbooklet was, as they say, well-loved, and my copy is missing its cover; this cover is from the American version rather than the Canadian one I have. (Mine only features testimonials from ladies in Canada.) (You can get the American version free at !)

I enjoyed the 1920s-style portrayals of life in North America. I date it by the fact that they spoke of how a survey was made in 1929 that proved it was a wonderful product to a lot of people; the introductory remarks below sound like the nice illustrations were consciously retro even in those days.


The below comments about the dooms of not taking this "compound" are quite alarming to the poor consumer. Were many girls unable to attend school regularly??
 I used to enjoy a bar-cookie-type dessert like this when I was a child, quite possibly made by my great-grandmother; I should try this or a similar recipe...