Various Approaches to Easier Meal Planning, Part Four: Fun Gimmicks

Sometimes all it takes is taking a break from one's normal meal plans and taking a more fun approach. My favorite gimmick is food dice, like these that I own from a great company, :

These food dice also look very fun, and I love that the ideas are actually put into the wood rather than on stickers, and that they are all about seasons, :

FYI, I've seen a few images of food dice online that you can just print out and use for free, and also have seen lists of what is on the dice, in case you wisely want to make your own featuring your own favorite foods! Hmm, perhaps you'd like to make custom sets for your friends, if you're looking for gift ideas!

There are fun digital gimmicks too. I just discovered this site, which also looks very promising for giving one fun ideas based on a taste quiz you take (fyi I think I made a mistake the first time I took the quiz -- it asked if I liked chocolate chip cookies, which I do, but I said no because I only eat them like once every three years, but they were looking more for if I liked the taste):