This Week's Cookbooks

Several selections from the series from Weldon Owen Publishers' "of the Day" /"365 Recipes for Every Day of the Year" series ( )...a clipping...another one of Jamie's miraculous meals as I call them, where for 30 or so minutes you follow his ideas and voilà you have a delicious meal complete with dessert!...a free meal plan I got from Clean Eating for my breakfast and lunch inspiration (I've given in and just finally bought a subscription which I hope starts to arrive real soon)...and a 1973ish cookbook Creative Cooking that taught me there's some truth in "all good things come to she who waits" -- the restaurant manager of a gorgeous Victorian seaside resort where I worked a bit during my undergrad days got this very book and brought it to show us at the front desk and I wanted it so bad but couldn't dream of paying its price -- but nowadays you can get it for a song....The cute "this week" printout is from some very talented artists over at etsy: -- oh wow, they actually have a discount code there at least today, and some new calendars!