Holiday wisdom

In this part of the world, we're really heading into "The Holidays." I've been rethinking how to approach them...and just got some ideas from a great event planner, David Monn, in this month's Elle Decor: He points out that many, many people really don't have time to do all the traditional holiday stuff, but that he likes to choose to do one or two that are important to him.....He suggests looking at January and February as great times to spread holiday happiness, like celebrating Chinese New Year, or throwing a friendly "old-fashioned potluck" -- "we might even have a Jell-O mold" -- he also mentions that "old classic" dishes are back in fashion.

You might enjoy his site:, which includes this photo of one of the many magical events he has designed:

Wishing everyone a peaceful, happy time in the months ahead, whatever holidays you do or don't celebrate.