A Fabulous Breakfast-for-Dinner

-- unlike most menus I've tried for this idea, this one doesn't give one a sugar headache. And it was quite easy!

Cauliflower and Ham Hash (I found a recipe in a magazine but sorry am not sure which one; it's basically your normal hash browns but made with sautéed cauliflower florets, onion, then after those are browned you add chopped nitrate-free ham and I used Williams-Sonoma's amazing smoked sweet paprika which is by far the best paprika I've ever used, and a bit of freshly ground pepper, then I dropped an egg apiece on top and covered and cooked until the eggs were done; top with just a little freshly snipped parsley)

Vegetarian "Pork and" Beans (I livened up some bland homemade beans with natural brown sugar called sucanat, catsup, and a little bit of mustard!)

Apple Crisp (though I didn't want to turn on the oven so just toasted a serving each of oats, then walnuts, and set them aside; then stewed apples and pears actually with some brown sugar and lots of cinnamon and a glug of wonderful almond oil -- by La Tourangelle my favorite nut-oil maker by far, and topped them with the oats and nuts)

(I also tried serving pear liquour with this, but the one I got was ghastly; perhaps you know of a good apple calvados or something.)
This is a re-post from the pre-incarnation of this site, actually from when it was hot there, hence the oven reference.