A 1950s harvest festival in New England

from this month's chapter in Gladys Taber's Stillmeadow Daybook, describing their harvest festival:

[It] is gay with massed greens in the big...bowl, with harvest vegetables piled in the old wooden dough tray, with red corn hanging...by the fireplace. Apples and raisins and nuts brim the bowls on the coffee table by the fire, the cheese board is decked forth with pale Swiss, bright Cheddar, and creamy Port Salut...

A favorite harvest-time picture of which I think Mrs. Taber would have approved, an October 1924 magazine cover....Of course this being a food site, we must imagine a wonderful kitchen inside this mansion...perhaps with a fireplace with one of those chimneys we can see? Hmm, a few people are selling this magazine online, but beyond my means....If anyone sees its articles inside, do let us know.